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Our History

Parkway Prestige (ARC) from Day One...

Here is a brief overview of our company from the beginning right through to the present day, including some of our milestones, high points and major achievements.


The Beginning

Parkway Prestige (ARC) is a family run business, established by David Gage in 1993. David is still a key influence on operations and has an active involvement with business day to day.


VW Group Certification Accredited

Parkway Prestige (ARC) received the VW Group certification accredited for Vehicle Body Repair in 2004, and stands by its values and assurance to provide vehicle repairs to the highest standard. We are also a VW Group paint and body accident repair centre for Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV)


Substantial Investment

Parkway Prestige (ARC) invested a substantial amount of money into improving their facilities to include the latest state-of-the-art amenities and equipment.


Mercedes Benz Accident Repair Facility

We became a member of the Mercedes Benz accident repair facility program in 2009 and became a Mercedes Benz incl. SMART collision repair facility.


Nissan GB Authorised Repairer

Parkway Prestige (ARC) were awarded the official charter as a Nissan GB authorised repairer in 2010 in recognition of commitment to investing in the Nissan Brand. Approved repairers for Nissan high performance vehicles such as the GTR and Z series models.

At Present

Parkway Prestige (ARC) continue to strive as one of the leading vehicle repair specialists and continually aim to deliver an exceptional service to their customers.